Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Photo Site Acting Funky

Just a quick note--our team site with the links to everyone's photos is acting up today. Tom, Katie, and I have been trying all morning to figure it out, but we finally gave in and contacted Google help. Will let you know when it's all good again. You can still see photos of everything posted prior to Sunday, but we are unable to get it save any additional changes since then. Weird.


Katie said...

What she didn't say is that we are blaming this on either Tom, Amy or Google (but not me!). ;-)

If you get out there and see the 'clarkkat rules the world' page consider yourself lucky. I can't see it anymore to delete it but it keeps rearing it's ugly head every once in a while.

Nicole said...

So, you're saying that clarkkat can in fact rule the world, but nooooooooo way was she responsible for our photo site acting nuts?! Typical.

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Just tried the photo site and it seems to be working. We now have three versions of the photo page with different names. Apparently some Googlite waved their magic wand.

airmel said...

Has anyone been on to this site??

It has pictures going down Jubilee you type in your bib #

Very cool!!