Friday, November 23, 2007

Trying again!

This is my 3rd attempt this morning to write something here. I deleted the first two 5-6 paragraphs in....and let's just say that we're all better off that I did!

I'm trying to tell you guys what I mean by "Goose Bump Moments" and why they matter. (Heard this one before? You can stop reading now, it's cool w/ me)

"Goose bump moments" are just that........those rare times where you realize that there is absolutely no other time or place that you'd rather be than right there where you're at, doing what you are doing and (and here's the big part) doing whatever it is with the folks that you're with.

It seems like I've spent the better part of my adult life (I know......the "adult" part's debatable) looking for the next "GBM". Once in awhile I get 'em @ a gig, they're a major part of the desert's hold on me and back in my climbing days they came around, usually after a near miss or some other scary episode. I've been blessed w/ a buncha good friends and we've had some fun doin' hard and sometimes stupid stuff here and there. I've also had the joy of being married to Linda for over half of my life and there have been plenty of "GBM"s as we've seen Katie Jo or Samuel find their way in the world.

Still...........................the best way I've found to experience the full-on thrill of a "Goose Bump Moment" is to be a part of a JDRF Ride. Hell......they're a dime-a-dozen! That's what Rob and I were talkin' about after DV '06 and he's done a better job of explaining them in his recent novella from a couple weeks ago but I wanted to give it a try, y'know?

Look, you guys know that I had no connection to diabtetes 3 years ago. Like DiD I had some vague idea that it was a drag for those afflicted and I'd had a couple friends or co-workers that had to deal w/ it but to me it wasn't any different than any other challenge that I didn't have to confront. I got into this whole "coaching deal" for mostly selfish reasons....I certainly wasn't on a crusade to find a cure!

Well.............thanks to you guys, and all the other incredible people I've been fortunate enough to meet and ride with over the past 3 I am. For as long as JDRF wants me around and you guys will put up w/ me...I'm in. After we find a cure and there's no need for the Ride, we'll have a huge Ride to Celebrate and then move on to whatever's next, okay?

I know I'm a day late.................but I'm way-thankful to have made your aquantance...every one of you! Here's to our next "GBM"!


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Veg Jack said...

Thanks Mike. I am extremely grateful for all of those out there that are doing this & have no personal connection to diabetes. I am also very grateful to the people who are doing this to ultimately benefit their kids (Mike H, Sarah & Ted etc), spouses (Amy F etc) & everybody doing this just for the cause. I am grateful to be a rider, to be able to do these rides. You guys used to be those jackasses we drivers didn't like. Now I get to be one of those jackasses & I am very grateful. I am grateful we all rode safely this year. Looking forward to a safe & fun 2008 ride season. jc