Monday, December 24, 2007

How Santa REALLY Delivers All Those Gifts

Merry Christmas, my friends!


did said...

Santa needs a wider saddle!

Happy merry ho ho ho, all y'all!


club-velo said...

Dang............where'dja get a pic of my-own-sad-self on the first post-Christmas ride? Time to get to work, ya'll!!!!!!

I hope that everyone on the World's Coolest Team had a Happy, Hale and Heartfelt Holiday this week and here's to a Happy (and safe!) New Year! Don't forget the Oh-So-Traditional New Years Ride @ the shop @ 1:00pm on 1/1 and the upcoming Ultimate Cycling Challenge in Feb. I have several folks verbally comitted but no $ nor info on hours that you are/aren't interested in. (Send me a check for 30 bux, made out to the Lance Armstrong Foundation)and we'll get things organized.

You guys freakin' ROCK, have I mentioned that?

Be safe, be well, ride some, take care, live strong..........