Thursday, December 20, 2007


Okay kids, here's the latest on the greatest. (Team, that is!)

Mary and I met w/ Rod Stephens and Brian Walker @ Herman Miller yesterday. They are in as a Big Team Sponsor for 2008 and are committed to at least 20 riders again. We are also planning to do a West Michigan Team / Herman Miller / Velo City jersey for team riders to wear @ training rides, events and for the Friday Shake-down rides. We'll also make extras for everyone to sell as a fund-raising deal. It's gonna be cool!

(Rumours that it will be plaid are just that......rumours!) (For the moment anyway)

The other big news is that we've decided to focus our Collective Team Attention on the September Whitefish Ride and Death Valley. These are the Rides that score highest in the Team Survey and we think that focusing on 2 Rides will increase the chances of everyone having the kind of experience that we all know is possible. The dates are Sept 11/14 for MT and Oct 16/19 for DV so it's time to make your plans, weigh your options and decide! We still can't officially register but the Nat'l folks are slavin' away to get all the details set so that they can open up for business. 'Til then have your eager-beaver donors send you a check and let Mary know which Ride you favor so we can make sure that everyone gets in!

Having the Rides that we're planning on oughta make it easier to get new riders on board as well so let's do talk to all those folks that we know are thinkin' about it and get 'em on board before the train leaves the station!

Have a great holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year! Thanks again (and again and again and again..................!) for all you did for the Team and JDRF this past season and for lettin' me be a part of it w/ you. Don't forget the shop's New Years' Day ride, the indoor rides, the Ultimate Cycling Indoor Challenge in Feb and all the other cool stuff that's goin' on!

Blessings and Peace to you all,

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