Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time to step up!

Okay, I wanna get the Team Roster for the Ultimate Cycling Challenge set up as soon as I can so let me know via e-mail if you are interested and what time slots you can and cannot take. The event runs from 8pm Fri 2/15 'til 8pm Sat 2/16. It's gonna be a minimum donation of 30 bux each and we need at least 4 to make a team.

I have an official "Yes" from Katie & Steve, Nicole, DiD, Jack C, new rider Ross S, Tom & Mary and myself.

I've gotten 2nd hand "I'm in" notification from Rob and Sarah. (As in "Oh, I'm sure _____ will wanna do it!")

Anyone else?



Shoot me an e-mail ( and I'll start making a schedule and such.

Be sure to have a safe and happy holiday, be well and stay healthy!


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