Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pineapple Bob Ride Today

For those of you who may be searching for a training ride today...don't forget the Pienapple Bob Ride leaving VCC at 2PM. Long route will be...well...long. 47ish miles. But, there is a much shorter 35ish mile route (which isn't much longer than the route we took last week).

Some (a lot actually) will be on gravel roads. So, it is suggested that you ride some sort of an all-terrain, Cyclo-cross, or Mountain Bike type tire. However, road tires will work in a'll just have to be a little cautious.

Anyway...just thought I'd mention it. In case anyone was planning to attend. I'll be there.


did said...

Yeah, I wanted to be there, but, dang, it's like $15 just to drive down to Holland and back now. So, instead, I cut up the smaller parts of the two trees that came down in our yard during the winter, and I didn't use any power tools to do it. And I played Doom 3 until my eyeballs glued themselves open.


J D and Maggie said...

Well, you missed a good one. It was a little chilly, and alot windy, especially going west which you have to do after you go east, if you want to get back to the shop and food, and great beverages.