Thursday, April 17, 2008

Team Ride This Sunday!!!!!!!!

Hey Gang!

Team Ride #2 is this Sunday! We are rollin' outta Johnson Park on 28th St @ 2:00pm. (DiD put a map up on the Team Site). I drove the route's nice, a couple rollers but not too hilly. Quiet roads and pretty views. We are going to try to get on the road pretty much right on time 'cuz some of us are off to Van Andel afterwards. The main route is 21 miles and there will be a "long cut" that'll add 3-4 miles if anyone is so inclined. I'll have a few maps and some tip sheets.

As I mentioned earlier...I would like to try and keep us in 2 groups as opposed to a lead group and a buncha single riders, for safety and social reasons. We'll chat about it a bit before we roll.

I'll be there @ 1:30 if anyone wants a flat tire seminar.

Look for me in the 2nd parking lot as the first one is still closed off.

Speaking of "closed off"...when I was there this week the bathrooms weren't open and the sign said that the park was "closed until 4/30" so plan accordingly. (There are a buncha gas stations just a few minutes east on 28th St.)

Snacks? What do you think!?

See you there!



did said...

Map map mo map me my mo map, ma-ap.

Can't wait!


Katie said...

Wow, did. Wow.

ceningolmo said...

How does one go about getting added to the list of approved content providers for this blog? Is there an application process? Do I have to bribe MC?

club-velo said...

Although bribing MC is ALWAYS n good taste.......the actual and official method is to contact Katie Clark and have her set'cha up.

That's her commenting as "Katie", by the way.

Nice ride today...more later.


Katie said...

yeah, the "other" Katie Clark. Not the original, so Katie Clark tells me. The married into Katie Clark.

Hmm. Now that I'm reading that, it sounds just a tad bit on the insane side.

club-velo said...

A "tad bit"?!?!?!? It sounds sufficient to send the paramedics to me. For the record: My daughter claims to be the "Original" Katie Clark, based on her being born that way vs. the "JDRF" Katie Clark, who became named thus via the avenue of marriage.

All clear now?


MC (AKA That Katie Clark's dad)