Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday's Team Ride - Townsend Park

Should be a GREAT ride. I can't wait to read about who showed up, who tried to catch Cindy in blown tire race and who brought the best snacks. (You do know I'm not going to be there, right? I'm sorry, rain and under 60 is not my riding weather.)

I do have babysitters lined up for the ENTIRE summer now. We won't be missing many after this weekend. Get ready, whimpy Katie is almost ready to ride. :-)

For those of you who brave the weather this weekend, have fun at Townsend Park from 2p - 6p. It's a great ride.

And, hey, don't forget about the following fundraising events going on this weekend:
1) Jookin' for JDRF: Friday 8:30p - ? at the American Legion Hall in Saugatuck - hosted by Brian Bowe (Asheville)
2) Community Garage Sale - Sat & Sunday at Churchill Elementary in Muskegon hosted by Amy Fisher and Melanie Williamson (Death Valley)

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