Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, sort of, anyways. Nice cool mornings, that whole "will I need these arm warmers?" deal as you pack your ride bag for the day...I kinda dig it.

We had a great ride up @ Cindy's yesterday, I sent out an e-mail w/ all the inside scoop on it, the next coupla weekends and such so watch your inbox!

5 weeks 'til Death Valley Week! Holy crap! (Insert cliche-yet-factual comment about how fast the year's flying by here___________!) 2008 is gonna be the best season ever for JDRF's Coolest Team and that's exactly how it oughta be!

Thanks for all you bring to the Team and the Program!

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Chris R said...

I was driving out 13 mile today and I found Division. I am set for next year. I hope you enjoyed the scenic tour-de-Sparta.