Friday, September 12, 2008

Whitefish '0, take 2, part 2.

So..........Friday. Pre-Ride Day. Get the course ready day. We've been at it since a little after breakfast....settin' up for the "tune-up ride", marking the course, getting the gear and tools ready for the SAG Wagons, packin' the box truck for our 4:30 am (!!!) start up to the top of Star Meadow so we can drop off the tents, tables and other big stuff and stay ahead of the lead riders. At Head Coach TSC's request I sat in on the Coach's Meeting......he started applying some of the things that we've been talkin' about since Asheville - we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

This is my 3rd Ride to Cure this summer where I don't get to "chamois up" and ride and I gotta kinda sucks! I'd rather ride for sure! Still....I'm here, I'm w' the crew and the riders and that something to take lightly and I don't.

Tomorrow will be a l-o-n-g day for damnsure! It'll commence @ 4am and I'll be lucky to get back here to my room before midnight so please excuse me if I don't post an update 'til Sunday!

Gotta 'nother meeting!


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