Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Team Ride

Cast - Peggy Miller, Maggie DeBoer, Cindy Aley, Brenda Baushke, Dawn Anderson (new 2009 rider), JD & Maggie Stone, Joe Schmeider & friend (sorry, I can't remember his name but he kind of looks like Chris Parnell from SNL), Rob Andro, Jerry Lewallen (potential 2009 rider) & me.

To those of you who could not make it, my heart goes out to you. You missed the most amazing ride. It was absolutely beautiful. The ride was challenging, some really nice hills, but also some awesome descents where you could FLY, & the roads were very smooth, wide shoulders most of the way, light traffic & the views were better than any ride I have ever done.

Am I exaggerating? I think not. I (as well as Joe I believe & others) would love to petition JDRF to do one of their rides up on Leelenau Peninsula. I believe it would be a HUGE success. If you are in power, able to make the JDRF decision to do a ride up there & are willing to accept all of the credit for suggesting & putting this thing together & getting all of the praise from the riders across the country about how this is the best century ride they have ever done, well now is your time to act. We need to do this thing.

Hopefully Rob can post some of his pictures on the site (Rob, please?). A big thank you to Peg for having a lot of the JDRF members stay with her up @ her wonderful cottage (I only got a view of it from across the lake) & Jerry for hosting me. It was a wonderful weekend & a great, great ride.


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Cindy said...

I second everything Jack had to say. AWESOME! Peggy had a wonderful spread for us on Saturday night and woke everyone on Sunday morning with Coffe, Oatmeal and Fruit for the ride on Sunday, Which was beautiful. Great training some really huge hills worthy a few choice words near the end. Just the way we like it. I too am sorry for those of you who didn't join us. We didn't scare Peggy off though, we talked about next year and she didn't seem scared of us at all! A huge thanks to her for her hospitality!