Monday, March 23, 2009

Every Other Friday Ride

So, us Herman Millerites have every other Friday off as part of this oh-so-lovely economy we're all enjoying. What better thing to do than spend those days riding? A few of us met up here at the Spring Lake campus on the 13th, and I expect we'll do it again this Friday the 27th. That's regular enough to warrant calling it a planned ride and putting it out on the schedule. We don't have to limit it to riding in Spring Lake by any means, either - we can play it by ear depending on who's interested. We can even go mountain biking - a day trip to Yankee Springs would be totally cool.

So who's interested?


MC said...

I'm interesteed - but I have a better chance of grabbin' a day ride than goin' to Yankee for the day.

Y'all could always start your days riding w/ us @ the shop for the Friday Bagel Ride. 8:30am.

Linda TP said...

I am not a Herman Millerite...but I have some vacation days piling up nonetheless....I would be interested. I especially would like to try yankee springs.

Cindy said...

I am in as long as it is above 40, and no rain. I'm a little whimpy.