Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few Reminders

Sorry to go all business-y on you, but just wanted to be sure this info was out there again:

1. If you're planning on taking the bus to the Killington ride, you need to secure your seat by next Tuesday (3/31) by sending a deposit to John Jasker. Details and address were in the last team note sent on 3/17, but if you need details again or have any concerns at all, e-mail Nicole.

2. The t-shirt design contest is underway! Come up with a great concept for our team shirt for 2009. Details in the post below this one.

3. Go for a ride. It's beautiful (maybe a little windy, but beautiful!) outside!



Katie said...

Um, it's 37 degrees outside right now. I'm just sayin'.

I did just sign up for a Spinning class every Tues & Thurs at lunch from April 13th - August 13th. That will get me on a bike of sorts. :-)

johnj said...

Congrats go to new rider Tom Miller for being the first to send his bus payment, in full! Way to go Tom! Anyone else bussing to VT?