Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The ride from Ada Park is an "out and back" route along the Grand River. IF you go all the way to Saranac before you turn around you'll end up w/ 28-29 miles. However - it IS an out-n-back so you can turn around @ whatever point you chose to get whatever your personal mileage goal might be. The route is as flat a ride as you're gonna find around here and there's really only one turn on each leg so it's a great first ride o' the year. Coach Nic and I will be keeping an eye on everyone so no one will be riding alone. (Although you should be self-sufficient eventually!)

For those of you that have been training all winter and are looking for more challenge there will a "be careful what'cha wish for" optional loop that'll add about 7 miles and plenty of up and down!

Plenty of snacks and fun await you @ the park after the ride. I realy hope to see a buncha your smiling faces there!

Coach Mike

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Proletariat Cyclist said...

Jack - you going? I may take pity on your Vegan self and make something you can eat.