Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New National Head Coach... guess who!?

as seen in the Ride to Cure March Training Times....

Please join us in congratulating Mike Clark as he joins Tim St. Clair as Co-head coach for the Ride to Cure Diabetes. For the past several years Tim St. Clair has served as the sole National Head Ride Coach for the Ride to Cure Diabetes. Tim has tirelessly helped coordinate all aspects of the coaching program including training programs, coaching recruitment and his fantastic support of riders on-site at each ride. As the Ride program grows the responsibilities have also grown, and with Tim’s support we are proud to announce a second National Coach to the program: Mike

Mike Clark is a familiar name to the Ride to Cure Diabetes and is known for his efforts as the coach for the West Michigan Chapter team, one of the largest ride teams in the country. Additionally, Mike is also known for his efforts in supplying mechanical support for the Ride. As the owner of bike shops in Michigan, Mike is "all about" growth of the Ride program. On a chapter level, he has tirelessly promoted the Ride - his chapter's ride team has grown like few others and he even volunteers at his local chapter once a week, stuffing envelopes, organizing, and doing whatever is needed to make his ride team successful. Mike has ridden as his chapter's coach for five years, he rode as the Head Coach in Asheville last year, operated the "bike room" for several Rides, driven a SAG wagon at multiple Rides, and last year and again this year he has joined Tim St. Clair on conference calls throughout the year with new Riders and Coaches. In 2008, he was at all five Rides in one capacity or another.

By joining Tim St. Clair as a National Coach, Mike will provide more communication with potential Riders, more communication with prospective Coaches, and more communication with veteran Coaches. Congratulations Mike Clark and thank you for your years of dedicated service to the Ride and JDRF!

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Linda TP said...

no surprise here...our coach ROCKS!! Congrats Mike!