Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay - many of you have heard talk of a little ride idea I've had percolatin' around in my addled brain for an additional challenging ride while we're out in DV. This is the "unofficial official" announcement of said ride:

The plan is to ride from Furnace Creek up to Dante's View, then back down to the intersection by the Furnace Creek Inn and then out along the course, up through Artists' Pallette and back to the Ranch. This will be a tough ride - tougher than doing the Ride on Satuday! The climb to Dante's View will be several magnitudes of difficulty beyond Jubilee Pass - my rental car barely got up it at all when we were out there over Christmas. The view is awesome - and worth it - and Artists' Pallette will be a blast, but this ride is sort of a butt-kicker and only for you if you're looking for a challenge and confident of your ability to recover in one day and be ready for Saturday. My best guess is that it's gonna be 80-90miles, maybe a few more. If we have any support at all it'll be up @ Dante's - but, again, this is pretty much self supported and way outside of any official JDRF business!

Logistics will be challenging as well - we'll need to fly into LV on Wed. I'll rent a van. We'll need to be prepared to handle our bikes getting out there as well - as of right now I have no info on how bike transportation will be handled for DV (assuming that you are on the "Gold" fund-raising package) nor can we count on the Bike Room being fully operational. We'll also need to find lodging for Wed night @ the ranch, which I've been told might be an issue. There are alternatives - we stayed @ a casino a few minutes outside the park over Christmas, it was cheap and just fine.

So - I need to know who's interested. Allow me to re-iterate that we'll be on our own from JDRF's standpoint and might be unsupported as well. Jus' sayin'.

It will be hard. It oughta be fun. We will feel it in Friday (and hopefully not Saturday!)

So - let me know if you wanna be in the loop as to ongoing developments, plans, etc.

I hope to see everyone this Sunday - have I mentioned lately how hard and much you guys ROCK!?!?!?!??!?!??!

'Cuz you all for dang sure do!

See you soon, keep riding, fund-rasing, rocking and all that.......

Coach Mike


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

Let me be the first to say... You are insane.

ZipMike said...

I think I'll stay at the ranch and cheer upon your return.