Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey Team!

Holy crap! It's nearly July! Ya know what that means?! That means that there are exactly 19 days 'til the VT Ride, 47 days 'til the WI Ride, 110 days 'til DV and 145 'til Tucson!

Better be getting the miles (and the money!) in, that's all I'm sayin'!

So - as the next step in our continual efforts in that regard we have a Team Training Ride set for this Saturday, July 3. Coach Did and I sure would like the pleasure of your company - both for the ride and the short-but-intense feeding frenzy that's sure to follow. Here are the details:

Where - Smallenburg Park in Holland. ( Map soon!)
When - We roll @ 11:00am, so get there by 10:30 or so to pump tires, etc.
What - We'll have @ least 2 route options so you'll be able to choose 'tween a 30-ish mile and a 45/50-ish mile loop.
Who - You! Not to mention your ridin' buds.

Speaking of the Post-Ride Refueling Frenzy - I'll bring stuff to make sandwiches, please feel free to augment as you see fit!

Note - I'm still working on the route(s) but it's looking like re-fueling options might be a touch scarce so come prepared! The longer loop will have at least 1.

I know it's the Saturday of a holiday weekend but I sure hope you can join us!

See you then. You guys rock like no one else, you're hip to that, right?


Ride on........Coach Mike

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