Tuesday, June 1, 2010

six/one/ten team note

Hiho, everybody, and welcome to June! MC and I hereby declare that Riding Season is completely and unreservedly open, not that it was much less so yesterday.

It’s gonna be a very full weekend of riding for more than a few of us, so, let’s do some organizing!

First off, Saturday, we have the 100 Grand ride – just to reiterate, if you ain’t on the list, you will have to pay for your registration (looks like that’ll be $25, or $20 if you’re a Rapid Wheelmen member). The course opens at 8 am; I’m thinking that we want to be rolling pretty much right away, so if you want to ride with a group (and who wouldn’t?) let’s meet at 7:45 outside the registration area and head out on to the course at 8. The start/finish is at West Side Christian School, here : http://tinyurl.com/100GrandStart.

Sunday is the deservedly famous Tour de Taco ride. This year we’ll be riding from Eldean’s Shipyard (here: http://tinyurl.com/Eldeans) with an 11 am rollout time so be there by 10:45. We may be parking in the building on the south side of the road there, just so you know – how cool is indoor parking? Zowie. As for routes, we’ll have a 50ish mile main route, a 40ish mile shorter option, and the promised “100 Grand Recovery Ride” as-flat-as-possible 20ish miler. Please note that the longer loops we’re planning are a bit light on places to buy food for the first 30 or so miles, so plan to have some riding food along with you.

Post-ride, we’ll have, uh, post-ride festivities! In the grand tradition of the TdT, Coach MC will rotate his helmet into “grill chef” position and provide grilled meats and related tidbits; co-hosts John Jasker and JD Stone will be providing soft drinks. You are encouraged to bring a dish to pass! In addition, we’ll have access to the pool and to a very nice playground, so your family is more than welcome to attend.

Since this is a pretty involved post-ride shindig, we’d really appreciate having a headcount - please email me by the end of this week with an RSVP!

Happy Riding, rock stars!

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