Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hey West Michigan Rock Stars! Coach Mike here w/ the scoop on the latest ride enjoyed by members of the World's Coolest Team! Read on!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the challenges presented by Father's Day (not to mention the activities of the previous day for some of us!) 'twas a good group that gathered @ Townsend Park last Sunday. As far as my weary-and-rapidly-aging brain can recall the group was comprised of:

Team Scheidel (all 3 of /em)
Tom Miller
Chris Radford
Brenda "It's my 1st team ride of the year" Bauske
Cindy "Hey Brenda close that gap!" Aley
Chris and Becky Machuta (welcome back Becky!)
Linda "glad I'm not on that tandem!" Clark
Cathy "I wish I wasn't either!" Tahy
John Jasker
Coach Did
Nick Murphy
Special Guest Rider Bonnie Stade
and me................

We did a 30-ish miile loop up and around Rockford and then enjoyed snacks and such in the sunshine before going our seperate ways.

No flats, crashes, unfortunate wildlife encounters or UFP sightings to report - all in all it was an uneventful day!

Next Team Ride is Saturday July 3! Details will be forthcoming soon!

See you guys soon. Keep on riding, fund-raising and rockin'!

'Cuz that's how we roll!


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Cindy said...

I had a flat, which I got lots of crap for stepping back and letting Derek change it.
Wild life sights galore. I spotted a deer in the road ahead of us, and John Jasker spotted 3 ostriches in a field! LOL They did turn out to be sand hill cranes, you can understand the mix up right? lol. Oh and lots of turtles.