Sunday, September 12, 2010

Off-the-books somewhat team Ride on Sunday, 9/26

Hi team. Was talking with our teammate Dara B. the other day. She's back from her family vacation to Ireland, and ready to Ride. Dara lives in DeWitt, which happens to be where Steve & I lived before we became Grand Rapidians, and also happens to be where my brother lives.

So... we've put together an off-the-books, somewhat of a team ride for Sunday, 9/26. We'll plan on a 50+ pretty flat miles route (I don't remember ANY hills up there - but I was never on a bike so.... ). We'll start at 10a at Katie's brother's house (look for team email with location).

We know some people are riding in the team ride on Saturday the 25th, and there are a bunch of the team riding in the Apple Cider Century on Sunday too. We hope there are a few people who want to trek to a spot just north of Lansing to meet a new rider (who has come within a few bucks of her minimum already!!), and enjoy a nice Fall ride. We are hoping to snag in past-Ride to Cure riders Patti Bills & Kris Bentley-Couturier to join us.

Let Katie know if you are interested in joining.

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Steve said...

Hmmmm ... riding up to Uncle John's Cider Mill ( for cider and donuts then to Sleepy Hollow State Park and back would be about 60 miles.

Perhaps something like this:

Not sure where the dirt roads are though.