Saturday, September 11, 2010

TAHOE REPORT, DAY 3 (tardy!)

Okay, so I had every intention of droppin' y'all a line every night but last night I

In brief, my day started @ 5:30am and I crawled/limped/dragged meself back up here to Rm 807 @ 11:15 pm.

A long day.

As previously stated, Jeremy, Chase and I got 50-some bikes assembled on um.........Thursday maybe? so when we flipped the lights on in the Bike Room 24 hours ago we thought we were in pretty good shape to get everything done that needed to be done by the time the reception started @ 6:30 pm last night. Hell - I'd even confess to thoughts of havin' time to clean up before dinner maybe.


As riders came in all day productivity dropped of as we had to "entertain", visit, catch up etc. Do NOT get me wrong - I freakin' love it - but the result of that was that when dinner was served we were still 7-9 bikes away from being "done". It didn't help that 1 chapter's worth of bikes showed up w/ them on an airport shuttle @ 7pm!

It was a groggy, crabby Bike Room crew that was putting the finishing touches on the last bike @ 11 pm to be sure!

I know - whine whine bitch bitch. Just lemme wallow in it here for a sec, okay? You can always skip down a bit to where I'm telling you how blue the lake is, how fine the weather is, hew flat-out great it is to be lucky enough to be allowed to be a part of the Awesome Thing that a Ride to Cure is.

And it is, to be sure!

Today (since as you have probably ascertained the Ride is on Sunday) is coach meeting, rider meeting, tune-up ride, fit seminar, bike 101 seminar and maybe even drive the course day. Hopefully the weather stays just like this for tomorrow - not a cloud, temps in the high 60's ( we are @ 6200' after all - it's gonna be cold @ the start!) and in a day or so I'm telling you that once again this Ride was the Best One Ever.

Stay tuned. Have I mentioned how much y'all rock?

Keep Tahoe Blue!



Nicole said...

Ah, the price you pay for being the Beloved MC....adoring visitors. :) glad all is well there. Do you have another update for me yet? Have an AMAZING day tomorrow! XOXO

Katie said...

Sounds like a lot of work... glad it was the 3 of you putting all those bikes together. Let's try to get that # of bikes down for DV, ok?