Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'v been here a full week and depending on the moment it seems either much longer or much less than that!

Yesterday went pretty much according to plan - amazingly enough. In the Bike Room by 8, the last 20 bikes packed up (including mine - no trip back up the switchbacks, sigh) by noon. Okay - 12:10. Off to ye olde cheap but yummy burrito emporium and a stop for ice cream. Back to the confines of the Bike Room by 2-ish and the dozen or so boxes containing our tools, workstands, pumps, parts, tubes, tires and suchlike were taped shut and affixed w/ shipping labels by 4:30.



I wanna thank Jeremy for all his work and Derek for comin' out here for the last 3 days. You guys rock!

Last night we were sitting next to the window @ a place called the Blue Agave in Tahoe City on the other side of the lake. Coach Did & I were talking about this Ride and whether you guys might wanna consider it. We sorta decided "yes", w/ a few qualifiers, most of which I covered in earlier posts.

We might oughta talk about it over the winter though.

So, another Ride in the win column and that's pretty dang cool. A Team Ride this weekend - ditto.
Harvest Fest Ride - ditto ditto.
More rides, and before you know it.................a big buncha us will be wingin' it back out this-a-way, bound for Death Valley!

Ditto X 1000000000!

Speaking of this Saturday, details are still being figgered out but you can count on a 9am start time @ a park near downtown GR, a short ride over to the Walk and then back out to get 50-ish miles in.

See you guys soon, can't wait to get back in the 616!

Keep rockin'!

Coach MC

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