Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Turn out the lights, the party's over.

Boy, is it! By noon today virtually everyone of the 200+ riders, staff, crew and families had left Lake Tahoe, their memories glowing hot w/ thoughts of a great weekend and plenty o' BikeFace!

'Cept for the Bike Room Crew - Jeremy, Derek and yours truly. We have lots to do!

I was up @ 5, at breakfast by 6 and in the Bike Room @ 7. Riders started pickin' up their bikes pretty much right away (Jeremy, Did and Chase had packed all the ones goin' home by plane after the Ride on Sunday). By 9:30 'twas pretty much just us and we commenced a-packin' bikes in earnest. (Ok - in boxes, actually.) (Sorry).

Broke for lunch w/ Trish-n-Aly and then bid them adieu and then 'twas truly just the 3 Amigos! Back @ it 'til 7:30 or so and then called it a day. A long but good day.

We have 20 more bikes to pack - kinda thinking we can have them done by noon or so. A quick trip to our fav cheap burrito joint and then back to pack up all our tools and parts and workstands, and pumps and tires and tubes and rags and rolls of tape and...and...and....

...and then we'll be done.

Time to finalize DV plans! (Working on it!)
Time to ride this weekend! (Watch for details soon!)
Time to go home. (!!!!!!!!!!!)

By the way - in the "How Weird is That?" Department it didn't escape mine and Did's notice how fundamentally weird it is to be sitting in the coffee shop of a seedy casino in South Lake Tahoe planning a Team Ride!

Jus' sayin'.

So - another big win for the Good Guys! $650+k raised for research, major BikeFace achieved and recorded and on we go to the next stop for this crazy train!

Sure hope we see you this Saturday - stay tuned for the scoop!



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