Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fractional Team Rides

No, not fractious team team rides! These are drop-ins in the schedule to give you more chances to see the rest of the cool kids.

First off, this Sunday, July 1, we'll ride from Townsend Park in Cannonsburg, 11am rollout time. Figure on a 45-50 mile distance, hopefully with a shortcut. MC's outta town (I think the guy should get a timeshare in Utah, as often as he's there), so you'll have to make due with one coach.

Second, on July 4, if you're not busy celebrating our nation's birth by blowing stuff up, we're tacking together an opportunity to do up to a century. If you want to get in a full 100 miles, we'll have a 7am rollout time from Velo-City Cycles; you'll ride up to Grand Haven and back, with a quick stop at the coffee shop in GH for a cinnamon roll or something. We'll roll back to the shop, so if you want to join up and do 50, be there and ready to roll by 11 am. Post-ride, MC's offered to fire up the grill at his house!

See y'all soon, I hope...



pbills said...

So, there may be just one official coach there that day (lucky us), but there will be plenty of folks for support and help who also happen to have tire changing skilz..... this team has learned from the best how to do that, ya know?

Tom Scheidel said...

See you Sunday.