Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Team ride, uh, what was that? Five?

Yeah, we'll call it Team Ride 5 - there was a sort of a 4.5 in there, but it was Memorial Day weekend so I'm not all that inclined to over-count it.

Anyway, Five! Mos' def' a highlight-ride, we started with gorgeous weather - blue skies with fluffy clouds, perfect temperatures, and not too much breeze. Folks taking advantage of that weather included:


Steve Clark
Michelle "Grand Valley" C, tagging her first 40+ mile ride (and 3rd flat tire - we might have a contender for the Queen of the Flats, here!)
Lindsey S
Sarah "I wanna try sailing" S.
Chris & Becky M.
Jeff W
Tom M
Lori H
Diana S
Tom & Mary
MC & Linda
A big did and a little did
Amy F
Brenda B
Paul & Nick & Spencer
Heather A-B
Host-with-the-most JD

Grillin' and Chillin':

And there to show off her stylin' new black cast was our less-broken-every-day (but dammit hurry up and heal!) Kaat.

The roads were lovely, and we were pleased to see how many folks rode together in bunches, rather than trickling along individually. This cycling thing is so much better in groups, and it's pretty awesome to begin with, so, yeah, cool beans. 

But, let's not beat around the bottom bracket, here - this ride was pretty heavily weighted towards the post-ride gig, and it didn't disappoint. I think we had 4 different kinds of brownie, and at least that many kinds of cookie. And I think Pea somehow violated the laws of quantum mechanics with her chocolate brownie creation; I'd think only some super-advanced civilization could put that much chocolate into a single foodstuff. And it was versatile, too! I mean, it started out as brownies, but changed as the day wore on to something that could be spread on cookies. Truly awesome!

Hmm. Gotta compose myself a little - had a little chocolate moment there.

Next Team Ride! We'll ride again on Father's Day, June 17 - details will be forthcoming, but the tentative plan is to ride from Mulally Park in North Muskegon.

In the meantime, everyone keep riding and fundraising! You all rock!

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