Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey Team! - was a strong - n- select group that showed up for our Father's Day Team Ride this past weekend. Whether they were lured by the idea of seeing Michelle's new bike, the promise of watching Coach Did and your trusy reporter whine-n-wobble the day after the Lumberjack 100 race or the general idea of a nice ride w/ an ice cream stop......14 riders were in attendence.

To be precise:

All 3 Dykstras, including newly crowned Lumberjack Did
Michelle C (w/ her new bike!)
Mark S and his stoker Katie
Paul B
Lindsay S
Linda C
Not-as-busted Kaat
Special Guests Kevin C and Dawn R
and my own sore self (MC)

We had a great ride on a perfect day...up and around the lakeshore - an ice cream stop (!!!!!) - a trip up-n-over Blockhouse Hill - lotsa views of the Big Lake.......'twas grand indeed!

We ended up splitting into 2 groups - a 33 mile contingent and a 46 mile group. (It was Michelle's longest ride EVER!)

Back at the park the remnents of the group feasted on cookies, chips, watermelon and suchlike.....all the while enjoying the company and the day.

The next OFFICIAL Team Ride isn't until July 8 - but watch for info on some other options - including a Fourth of July Early Century!

Thanks for reading, thanks for riding, thanks for rockin' like y'all do!

See you soon.................Coach MC

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