Friday, June 29, 2012

The XS is here! The XS is here!

A pallet of XS Energy Drink overtakes Team Scheidel's garage.
Yes, the XS Energy is here. Please help get it out of my garage. As many of you know XS Energy Drink has been a sponsor of the West Michigan Ride Team since our first year in 2005. They donate a pallet of energy drinks (222 cases) that team members can sell. All proceeds from the sales go to the ride account of the person who sells it. An easy and tasty way to make money toward your goal.

XS is not like most energy drinks that rely on sugar and lots of caffeine for their boost. XS has no sugar and is loaded with B vitamins.  Click here for more detailed info. We have several flavors to choose from. They all come in 12 can cases. Some flavors are in 8 ounce cans and some are in 12 ounce cans. The 8 oz. cases sell for $20, the 12 oz. cases sell for $25. Remember 100% of what you sell them for goes to your ride account.

Cranberry-Grape - 8 oz.
Citrus - 8 oz.
Tropical - 8 oz.
Wild Berry - 8 oz.
Cherry - 8 oz.
Electric Lemon - 8 oz.
Black Cherry Cola - 8 oz.
Root Beer - 8 oz.
Cola - 8 oz.
Naranja (Orange) - 12 oz.
Summit Blast - 12 oz.
Classic Blast - 12 oz.
Variety Pack - 8 oz.

If you want to help me clean out my garage and make some money toward your ride goal, give me a call or send an email and we'll arrange getting you as many cases as you want.

Thank you once again to XS Energy Drinks for your continuing support.

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