Monday, July 7, 2014

Free gear from one of our sponsors

Hey team. Thanks to long time sponsor XS Energy Drinks, every team member will be receiving a free XS Energy jersey and tech t-shirt. The t-shirts are in various colors and come in both men's and women's sizes. The jerseys come in two colors schemes, green and yellow, or red,white and blue, and are uni-sex sizing. We will be distributing them at upcoming team rides and other events. Or you can send Tom Scheidel an email to arrange getting your attire.

XS has also donated a pallet load of energy drinks. All the proceeds from the sale of the drinks goes to the rider who sells them. For example, if you sell 5 cases (12 cans per case) at $20 a case, you would have $100 to put toward your ride account. The great thing about XS Energy Drinks is that they are low carb, no sugar, and low calorie. The energy boost comes from a mixture of B vitamins. And they taste great. Check with Tom or Mary Scheidel to get your supply.

Thanks again to XS Energy Drinks for their support of the West Michigan Ride Team.

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