Sunday, July 13, 2014

Team Ride 9 Report

I've still got water in my ears. How's that for a report? Ah, swimming pools - is there anything better on a nice warm day after a ride? We were all kinda concerned that we'd be riding in rain, or postponing, or even cancelling based on the weather forecast, but the storms had the decency to get here early, do their thing, and then leave us with dang near perfect conditions!

Rolling out from Kim and Chris's's's's (what's the apostrophe rule on that, again? Sorry, Mrs. Scharfenburg...) were:

Scott W
Johnny D
Kevin C
John J
Special Guest Suzy D
Jeremy P
Josh M
Chris R
"Titanium" Tom M
Cindy A
Special Guest Mike H
Linda C
Megan T
Special Mom Ginger D
and your loyal coaches did, Kaat, and MC.

We rode somewhere between 30 and 40 miles, or something like that, depending on when for each of us the lure of the pool overcame any desire to ride up another hill. Our most generous hosts, Kim & Chris, ably assisted by June (and not really all that assisted by Dane, Maali, and Hayden), had burgers galore, and we all had waaay too much sweet stuff. Thanks to all who brought (BELCH) brought food!

And the pool. was. glorious.

NEXT UP! We have the Holland Hundred on Saturday the 19th - routes are anything from 19 to 100 miles, and every distance includes the famous Pancake Breakfast. We've got a new route for the 100 mile, as well, so you won't visit the no mans land of extreme southern Allegan county.

Aaaand just in case you don't want to do the HH, or if you do but want more miles for the weekend, we're gonna have a team ride on Sunday the 20th from Mullally Park in North Muskegon, with a nice 50 mile mostly flat route in the offing. And there will be an ice cream stop! Look for details on Facebook and in your email.

Rock on folks! We're about a month from the Lacrosse ride, 2 months from Tahoe, and 3 months to Death Valley!

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