Monday, July 7, 2014


Well - we didn't expect a huge turnout when we scheduled a Team Ride for the 4th of Joo-Lie weekend but figured "What the Heck?" y'know?

As it turned out - we had 3 registered riders, 2 extra-special Guest stars & 3 coaches. We all did a roll-y 42 mile loop and enjoyed the day, the company, the post-ride snacks (thanks Coach MC2!) and a fine ride!

The 3 registered riders:
JD Stone
Scott Wycoff
Cliff Lewis

The Extra-Special-Guest-Stars:
Suzy Doyle
Lindsay Stacy

The Coaches:

We rolled from Johnson Park (no sign of LARPers, alas) - headed north and west over to GVSU, out Leonard, skirted Hudsonville (there's a new bike shop there I hear tell) and then back. Everyone rode well and we were lookin' GOOD! ( I know - you knew that - still, it bears mentioning.)

Our NEXT Team Ride is a BIGGIE and I hope to see ALL Y'ALL there! Details are being nailed down as I type this - watch for an e-mail soon - but we'll be riding from Kim Monk's place in Ada. You know what THAT means, right? Okay - it likely means a few hills, true, but it ALSO means a big cookout/pool party after the ride! I can't wait! That's THIS COMIN' SUNDAY so I'll see you there!

Hey kids - it's July. The Ride to Cure Season commences in a few short weeks and for those of you heading to La Crosse - that's NEXT MONTH! We're "in it for real" is what I'm getting at here...I hope everyone is getting the miles in their legs and dollars into their Ride Accounts.

Okay - that covers it for now  - I really hope to see you soon and - as always - thanks for being the complete freakin' ROCK STARS that you continue to be!

XO, Coach MC for your coaches and Ride Committee.

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