Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Post-Holland-Hundred ride report and whatnot

Hey, we missed you folks on Sunday! It was a seriously nice day, and you missed out on meeting our old neighbor Ed, who REALLY perks up when he hears the word "high" and was visibly disappointed to find out that it was a BG thing and not something more up his nose alley.

At least he had a shirt on.

Anyway, big congrats to Megan T, who completed her first 50 mile ride despite the aforementioned high (and a matching low) - way to stick it to T1!

Other folkses along for the ride were
MC (almost ready to head off to Burlington to kick off Ride Season!)
Linda C (doing her longest ride this year)
SGS GingerMom (doing her longest ride in a few years)
Kevin C (fresh off the Holland Hundred the day before)
Kirsten (also doing a Holland Hundred cool-down half-century)
John J (who gets a parenthetical note so he doesn't feel left out)
and little ol' me.

We rumbled up the Berry Junction and Hart-Montague trails all the way up to Rothbury, back down through Montague again for ice cream at Twisters, then over to Scenic Drive to see Lake Michigan and Blockhouse Hill. Back at Mullally Park there was the usual chips, salsa, shade, and chitchat. It was pretty dang nice!

So NEXT UP on the team ride schedule is the annual famous Casa de Clark Tour de Taco, on August 3. We're gonna have at least a couple of mileage options for any and all riders, we'll hear stories from the Burlington ride, we'll send off our Lacrosse riders with hearts full up to bursting, and we'll eat a whole mess of grilled chicken and stuff. Deets will be forthcoming, but get it up on your calendar now because we want big attendance!

Rock on, rockstars!

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