Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Death Valley Ride Map

For those of you who have been there this will look familiar. For those new to Death Valley check out the elevation gain. Start working on your hill climbing. You can click on the map for a larger view.


did said...

OK, now here's some coolness. I found another mapping site ( It does all the standard stuff, but it has three features that really set it apart.

First, it has a "follow public roads" option, so when you're creating a map, it limits itself to public roads - and it follows curved roads beautifully. Way, way cool.

Second, when mapping, in addition to the map view and the photo view, there's an option to view a topographical map - made it a lot easier to see exactly where the Jubilee Pass turnaround was!

Third, you can export the map data to Google Earth, and so see it overlaid on the 3-D terrain! Wowsers!

Here's the Death Valley route:


did said...

Let's try that as a link:

Death Valley Route