Monday, June 25, 2007

Team Ride Report, 6-24-07

We met up @ Kenowa Hills High School out there on the N.W. edge of Grand Rapids for Team JDRF West Michigan's 7th big training ride. 10AM was plenty early for those of us that'd been up waaayyy too late playin' music in the bar the night before, but I digress. In attendence were:
Sarah, Cindy, Derek, Matt S, Herb-n-Brenda, Patti, Jack, Special Guest and maybe-future-rider Eric, Kevin, Lin and me-own-self. The route took us west and north, crossing but not using the Muskatawa Trail and featuring an elevation profile that looked like a heartrate EKG w/ all the ups and downs! No real drama, despite an impromptu flat-fixin' demo brought on by a blowout on our tandem (just another of the many services we offer!) and a slight modification to the planned route by Ms. Andro and Ms. Bills that required a massive 30+mph chase on the tandem to correct. ( was maybe half a mile at just seemed "massive", those guys were hauling!)

The roads were nice but I wanna apologise to everyone present once again about the traffic volume. This was the last time we'll be on a route that was designed w/out the benefit of local knowlege, I promise! I thought everyone did a great job of riding safe but it might be appropriate here to review the Michigan Vehicle Code which states that we are allowed to ride 2 abreast at all times, but never more than that. I think it's good manners to go single-file on crowded roads, and safer as well. Again...........good job everyone!

My favorite quote of the day was uttered by Lin, who was 1/4 mile away from finishing her longest ride of the year and was feeling it just a bit. It was about 30 minutes after we had chased down the errant duo who had missed a turn.........we were about 20 yards behind Cindy as she approached the final turn into the school and she said "If she misses this turn she' on her own, okay?"

Hee Hee!

I gotta tell you guys..........everyone is riding really well! I think we'll be ready! Team Ride is this coming Sunday, 7/1 @ my house here in Holland. Ride time is 2:00pm and we'll be doing a great route that the locals call the Hutchin's Lake Loop. It's about 45-48 miles and features the best riding that Allegan County has to offer; a trip across the historic New Richmond Bridge, through Fennville, around Hutchin's Lake, past the Fenn Valley Winery, (near Ann's house!) into Douglas along the bayou, through Saugatuck and back to casa de Clark for a post-ride Tex-Mex feast. (I'll have a shortcut on the maps as well!) Friends and Fam are more than welcome, along w/ anyone that you're riding for. We oughta be back to the house around 5:00, but any non-riding guests are welcome to hang out or gimme a shout and we'll come up w/ a diversion for them while we're riding.

TOP SECRET! It's Patti Bill's Birthday Sunday! Don't tell her! Feel free to bring a card or something however. (Sarah's on Cake Duty)

Speaking of that...........folks have asked what they can bring. Folding chairs will come in handy, along w/ your favorite beverage. I'm planning on your basic fajita fixxin's, meat, beans, rice, salse, chips, veggies, etc. If someone wants to do guacamole, some kind of salad or more desserts.......that'd be cool but don't feel that you have to, okay? Maybe you could post here what'cher bringing so we don't end up w/ 9 different desserts? (Not that it'd be a bad thing!)
(Special requests and/or requirements? Lemme know!)

I think that's it for now. Looking forward to seeing a buncha ya'll this weekend!
Coach Mike


Katie said...

I'm no desert maker, but I will bring a cheese dip for tortilla chips that's pretty good. (Same one I brought last year). We call it "El Az" dip, for the name of the restaurant it was stolen from El Az Teco in Lansing.

club-velo said...

Hey Nicole!

No recipes involving bugs, okay?



did said...

I dunno, Mike - looks to me like there's a lot of nutrition in them little crunchers - very high in protein! And check out all the recipes!

OK, I don't think I could even fake being able to eat a cicada without yakking. It's just way too Man-vs.-wild. Even without my wife around for a week, I think I'll find food just fine.


Nicole said...

aw, c'mon Mike! Don't they always say, "shop local" when it comes to sustainable and nutritious food? And these wouldn't cost me a penny. Plus, the recipes Derek provided include both some Mexican treats (Chirper Tacos, anyone?) and lots of desserts (the Southern Cicada Tartlets sound like something I'd see Paula Deen making on The Food Network!). Hmmmm....suffice it to say, my contribution to Sunday's feast will be a closely guarded secret.