Monday, June 18, 2007

Ride Report, 6-18-07

We had a great ride yesterday, even if one of us wasn't feeling....well......all that zippy! There were 14 of us all together, Alumni John J, the Schiedel's, (our hosts!) Diane A, Derek D and myself and first-year riders Carmen H, Patti B, John S, Donald & Linda M, Cindy A and Herb & Brenda B. (Oh yeah...and me!) (The not-so-zippy one) It was AWESOME to see some of @ your first ride!

We rode east and north from Tom-n-Mary's place near Rockford, hitting' some nice rollers and quiet country roads. Patti won the "Let's throw the coach a mechanical curve" award and we ened up w/ 36 miles before gathering back @ the Schiedel's for fresh-baked cookies, chips-n-salsa, strawberries and suchlike. Needless to say..........a great time was had by all!

Our next ride is this coming Sunday. We'll be meeting @ Kenowa Hills High School @ 10:00am for a 45 miler. I'd encourage everyone to join us, it's getting a little late in the year to pass on team rides 'cuz you're shy about keeping up or riding in a group. Remember....our team rides are just that..TEAM rides! No one cares if you are fast or slow, we all get there and it's better when we all get there together!

On July 1st we have a ride scheduled from my house in Holland. The ride starts @ 2:00pm, we'll be doing the famous and lovely "Hutchins Lake Loop", a timeless classic in this part of the world. Afterwards we'll be hitting the backyard hard and feasting on grilled fajitas, home-made salsa and related calorie-replenishers.

Be sure to spread the word and talk up the rides w/ your team's a big part of what we're up to after all!

See you this sunday! (Can't wait!)


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