Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nice one!

The ad-hoc ride went great (well, actually, it's probably still going on - it was about 2 hours ago that I split off, and the rest of the group had to get back to Pere Marquette park, which was a solid 30 miles away). I left home at a bit after 7 and rode back roads down to Muskegon. After a moment at Torreson Marine ogling a 45' sailing trimaran, I met HMI/JDRF riders Herb, Brenda, Peggy, and Kevin, and "support" riders (always mucho welcome!) Jeff, Larry, and Eric.

We rode through Muskegon along the shoreline boardwalk/bike path, which is really, really nice. Normally I'm not a big fan of riding on bike paths, but in this case they're a whole lot better than Muskegon city streets. Once in to North Muskegon, we toodled along Ruddiman (I think) to Muskegon State Park, where we turned and suffered our way up Blockhouse Hill. From there, we rolled all the way up to the White Lake channel lighthouse. After a bit of rest, we all headed home, which was only about 7 miles away for me. I finished with 66 - longest ride of the year by far, and my first metric century of the year, too. Kudos to Herb for putting this one together!

Tonight I'll see Herb, Brenda, and Peggy again, as we're staffing a concessions stand at Van Andel Arena for a GR Rampage game. Hopefully we'll all be able to stay upright all evening...


Chad said...

Wow. Sounds like a great ride, Derek. What sort of pace are you keeping for that many miles? I've only been on a couple of short rides thus far, but I can't imagine putting in that sort of mileage. Is it easier in a group?

did said...

Riding in a group is always easier, especially once you get into longer distances. Between some drafting, chatting, and just being with other people, it really helps the miles go by.

I think mostly we were rolling in the 15-16 range when we were together - given some more mileage, you won't have any trouble with that. Of course, some chuckleheads have an urge to sprint for stop signs, which is just silly; no mature person would ever do anything like that, no sir!