Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Directions to Casa de Clark. (Coach Mike's House)

Here's the analog version.............I have no idea how to do a Google Map (whatever that is!)

From the east: Take the 2nd Holland exit off of 1-96, go right @ the stop sign and head west until you hit River Ave. (You'll cross US-31, go past a cemetery, across RR tracks and there's a Shellmart on your right when you're @ River Ave.) Turn left on River up 2 blocks to 18th St. Go right on 18th and go a block and 1/2 to 130 West 18th. There are a couple white birch trees just east of our house. Park wherever and go around to the gate at the end of the driveway. Don't worry about the racket that Max-the-Dog is probably making as you arrive.

From the north: Us-31 to 16th, go right and follow the above directions.

From the south: Ditto.

Questions? More guidance? mike@velo-citycycles.com or 616-610-0334

Hopeta seeya there!



did said...

Never fear, mapgeek is here...


Anonymous said...

mapgeek, you are my hero. ;-)

did said...

Good thing I wear spandex, then...


Mike Howard said...

I have to pass on this afternoon's activities. FYI, my arms are getting much better. The breaks are a little achy at night, and my wrists/palms don't feel right. We're heading to Vermont for the holiday, hope to start riding again after that. Hope you had fun this afternoon!