Monday, July 20, 2009



Whatta day, huh? Congrats to everyone that rode (Linda, C, Did, Peggy, Brenda, Cindy, Danny - from - Indy, Cath, Chris M, Steve C, Trike Mike, Kevin O, Nathan, Kevin C, Jack, & I'm sure several more) and THANKS A TON to everyone that helped make the HH / JDRF connection as strong as it was! (Nic, John "Jazzmo" J, Chris R, Patti B, Tom-n-Mary, Linda C, Diane A, Linda PT, Scott P, Nathan, Melanie, Brian J, Heather A, Katie C.......the list goes on and on and on........)**********

1250 riders had a blast on a near-perfect day. We sold the crap outta raffle tickets, root beer floats and XS drink too!

I think we put this one in the "Win Column".

When the financial dust settles the HH committee will figure out what sort of donation they'll be able to make to JDRF.....I think it'll be a nice one!

Thanks again you made me proud!

On to Montague!!!!!!!!!!!!


********* Did I miss you? I'm really really sorry! I was somewhat distracted for a good part of the day.


Chris R said...

Thanks for being the awesome coach that helps us get involved in opportunities like the HH. Julie had a blast and I am glad to have been able to participate.

MC said...

By the way....the re-count is in, the hanging chads have been dealt with and the Supreme Court will NOT be needed. Actual count - 1368.


MC you Saturday!