Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Post Ride Report: 7/12

More than once in the last few days, I heard or read someone mentioning how incredibly awesome our team ride on Sunday from Mike & Lin’s house was….Now, even in crummy weather and with lots of flats and all that sort of stuff this group tends to have a great time. But there was something special about Sunday….it was probably a perfect mix of a whole bunch of factors—glorious weather, delicious food (I think I can still taste the garlic from MC’s salsa…YUMMMMMM), a few laughs, and a whole slew of cyclists riding their hearts out. Seems like people really took to the idea of riding with whom it makes sense to ride with—practicing for what Ride Day is really like. Simple concept that seems to be sticking. Let’s keep it up, eh?

Roll Call…team members and tons of Special Guest Stars (SGSs)!

Brad Spooner
SGS Chris “Route Meister” Davison
Kathy Hesch
SGS Carmen “I can’t stay but my brownies will” Hannah
Tom Scheidel
Heather & Brian
SGS Mike – friend of BJB
Maggie DeBoer
SGS’s Rhonda and Jake and Stacy
Tom Miller
Karen Kindel
SGS Jen – teaching stuff to MC about bikes!
Chris Radford
Dawn Andersen
Nathen Kooi
John “I’m really important. There’s a kid named after me now” Jasker
Cathy P to the T
Chris Machuta
SGS’s Don & Linda Milanowski
Brenda Baushke
Rick Blackmar
Linda Thompson-Poeder
Lynne Gallagher
Ken Thorne
Nick Murphy
Kevin “I’ll captain that tandem” Carnes
SGS Dawn “Stop picking on me before the ride even starts” Riccomini
Cindy Aley
did the Map Man
Host and Hostess with the Mosterest: MC & Lin

See you many of you on Saturday for the Holland Hundred, and again just under two weeks for the Great Northern Ride and Salsa-Off (e-mail to come with details)!

One more reminder Killington bus riders....got your passport/passport card all set?

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MC said...

I had a blast and I know for a fact that Queen Linda did as well. Everyone rode SO well and 'twas great to hang and eat and chat!

Onward to the Holland Hundred and the Great Northern Ride!