Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The XS is here!

First off, thanks to XS Energy Drinks for once again sponsoring the West Michigan Ride Team. Their participation has helped us raise over $8,000 over the last four years. This year XS has again donated a pallet load of energy drinks. That's 224 cases. We don't have room at our house for that much product, so let us know soon how much you would like. Remember, you can drink it yourself or sell it as a fundraiser. Either way all the money goes directly to your ride account.
There are lots of great flavors, including:
Cran-Grape, Tropical, Citrus, Cherry, Lemon, Cola, Black Cherry Cola, TeaBerry, Peach Tea, New Wild Berry, and Caffeine-free Root Beer.
For more info or to schedule a pick up time contact Tom or Mary.

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