Monday, June 29, 2009


So, check this, y'all..........On friday morning @ about 2:00 Team Type 1 won the Race Across America for the 2nd time in 3 years. The 8 man team set a new world record of 5 days, 9 hours and 5 minutes for the 3, 021 miles (or 4, 821 km if you prefer). As our resident math geeks SC and LTP can tell you, that's an average speed of 23.41 mph.

As you probably know - every member of the Team is Type 1.

Read more about it here:

As you probably didn't know - one of the riders, Jeff Bannink, is from Holland freakin' Michigan and worked at my shop in the '80's! He was the first person I ever met w/ Type 1 and some of you have probably heard the story of when he went way low, trashed the shop, passed out in his car, ended up in the ER and went on to place 13th in the National JR Time Trial race 2 days later. (If you haven't, and you know where to find me. It's a good'un!)

Is this a weird / crazy / cool world or what?

Great job yesterday, hangin' tough in the wind and all. Sure would've rather been there than in the plane. See you soon!



ZipMike said...

I picked up a team type 1 calendar when we dropped Taylor off at camp. He's Mr. February 2010.

Nicole said...

A calendar, you say?

ZipMike said...

Yep, sponsored by Apidra & Lantus.

Nicole said...

Great article about them in the NYT yesterday: