Monday, June 8, 2009

The 100 Grand Was Quite Grand Indeed

I'm having a hard time coming up with the right words to describe the fantastic Saturday that was had by 18 team members at the 100 Grand. The weather was glorious, the route was hilly with mostly awesome pavement and hardly any cars (except for one grumpy mail carrier), and the company, obviously, couldn't be beat. We had folks complete what was their longest ride so far this year for most...35, 65, and 105! miles.

Sitting the grass eating roll up sandwiches and BBQ pork, it was hard not to think about how great this entire group is--enjoying the simplicity of a beautiful day on the bike with your pals.

We had several folks approach us throughout the day and either ask what we were all about, or to say that they already know what we do, and that it's pretty darn awesome. Both scenarios are pretty cool--getting some people interested in joining our group one day, and others letting us know that the word about this JDRF team is getting out in the West Michigan cycling world even more.

100 Grand - 2009

Thanks to the following people for making the trek on Saturday:

Brad Spooner
Derek Dykstra
Cindy Aley
Kevin Carnes
Dawn Wilson
Herb Baushke
Brenda Baushke
Cathy Priest
Linda Thompson-Poeder
Scott Poeder
Katie Clark
Steve Clark
Linda Clark
Jack Clark
Nathen Kooi
Chris Machuta
John Jasker
Nicole Nelles

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Jack said...

Special thanks to Coach N2 for setting this ride up. It was a wonderful route & ride.