Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wow...long day! Got up @ 6:00 for breakfast - then led the coaches' meeting and did the "Expectations of the Ride" seminar w/ Chuck. Kitted up for the Tune Up Ride and spent an hour or so w/ Tiburon (yep - that's her name!) from Salt Lake, who has (or - hopefully - had) some fit issues. Went on a bike shop / In and Out Burger run w/ Berger (no relation), Tiburon, Dave-from-LA and Eric, or other wrench dude. (Local guy that I worked w/ in '08) Got back, led the basics of Bike Fit Seminar, the Cycling 101 seminar and sat in on the Riding w/ Type 1 seminar. (5 of the 7 coaches here are Type 1!) Then clean up for dinner - do most of the talking - give out the yellow and green jerseys, introduce the coaches, etc. Then hang out in the Bike Room, meet Mike Ward, guitarist for The Wallflowers and Ben Harper, co-creator of the Mike and the Bike book, do a few last minute things for various riders and head for home.

Tomorrow is gonna be a helluva day - I can't tell you guys how much I wish you were here!

Many hugs...........MC

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