Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post-Ride Report, 6/28/2009

Well, Coach MC couldn't join us for today's rides of 54ish and 38ish miles, but it seems that some brutally gusty headwinds were happy to show up in his place. I'm just speaking for me here, but I prefer his company MUCH more.

Still, even with not-quite-DV-07-but-close gusts, and a few somewhat wacky things (flying water bottles and inhalers for Steve and Lin, an uncooperative wheel & tube set for Herb, a granny gear that just wasn't havin' it on Kris' bike, Pea's H2O cage deciding to start flying in the breeze, and my own computer taking a nose dive into the weeds), the people that made the trek today made it all good. As usual. :)

Speaking of people...Roll call (I hope I got everyone!): Heather, Brian, Did (riding faster with the absence of his flowing locks that hindered his aerodynamics), Katie, Steve, Cindy, Tom Miller, Karen (left early with a temperamental knee again--get better!), Chris Radford, Lin, Kris (no, she's not an aunt again yet), Cath, Chris Machuta, Herb, Doug, Pea, Linda, Nick, and yours truly.

Next ride is 7/12 in Holland at Casa de Clark for the Tour de Taco. This is hands-down one of the best rides and post-rides of the year...highly recommended if you haven't been there before (and if you have, I'm not telling you anything new)! Details to come.

Also, if you want to work the Holland Hundred, make sure you let Jasker know this week. And, if you're taking the bus to Killington and still owe some cash, another installment would be greatly appreciated. It's still $125 a head.

T-shirts are in the works and should be off to the printer this week. Stay tuned!

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Katie said...

38ish miles was actually closer to 43ish. Have it be known that us on that 38ish route weren't happy when we hadn't made it back to Snow Rd. when we hit 38 miles. :-)