Sunday, June 28, 2009


Let's look at the numbers, shall we?

76 riders. (same as '08)

102 mile route.

104 degrees inland (where we were from 11:30 on.)

6500' of brutal climbing.

11+ hours in the saddle.

'Twas a l-o-n-g day, to say the least. (and I never do) But.....the day was a complete success - from the Hendrix-esque National Anthem from Michael Ward, the cool-and-funky little NorCal towns and roads (Bohemian Highway, anyone?) the crew and! What a beautiful part of the world! Pelicans and hawks, sheep and horses, vineyards, shoreline, palm trees and did I mention the hills? There were a lot of hills! Most everyone rode well - only visit to the Med Tent, amazing in this weather methinks. I am more-than-willing to state for the record that this was the most challenging route I've ever ridden in a JDRF event, hands down. Now - am I shattered as DV '07? No. But this was a tough loop.

Having said that.....................................

I know it's early in the year.
I know we'd hafta fly.
I know I just said that it's a bitch.

I also know that many of you would freakin' love this Ride!

More tales later. I sure wish I was on a red-eye flight right now so I could ride wit'choo tomorrow!

MC Weary

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