Monday, June 1, 2009

Team Ride Report for the 1st o' June!

What can I say? Another great day. Another great ride. Another great group of folks. We met @ Johnson Park in Walker in the bright last day o' May sunshine. 26 riders in all, here's the Roll Call (in order of estimated frame size!)

Patti "Pea" Bills
Cathy Priest / Tahy
Katie Clark
Dawn Anderson
Cindy Aley
Lynne Gallagher
Melanie Williamson
Dawn Wilson
Coach Nicole "This Old House" Nelles
Linda Thompson - Poeder
Jack Clark
Coach Me
Amy Fisher
Steve Clark
Nick Murphy (His 1st Team Ride!)
Kevin Carnes
Linda Clark
Mike Howard (Yea - I know......his trike doesn't have a "frame size")
Special Guest Carmen Hannah
Chris Machuta
Chris Radford
J.D. Stone
Special Guest Mark Davis
Tom Miller
Derek "Did" Dykstra
Rob Andro

We had a great ride on rolling hills out there on GR's west group did a 38-ish mile loop and one group did a 29-ish mile route. 1 flat - Nick Murphy claims the award for this ride but that ain't too bad since it was from this start/finish that Cindy set the Team Flat Record last year!

Back @ the park we feasted on sandwiches, pasta salad, cookies, root beer floats and still-warm-from-the-oven cinnamon bread.


Our next scheduled Team Ride is on 6/14, hosted by JD out here on the lakeshore. The location offers a pool, grills and a great spot for non-riding family members to hang and relax while we ride. Watch for the details soon!

Of course - many members of the Team will be riding in the 100 Grand this Saturday as well.

One thing to think about, if I can put my "Coach Hat" on for a sec............this is a REALLY busy time of year, especially for anyone w/ kids and my guess is that we have folks on the Team that are struggling to find time to get out for a "real" ride. Here's the thing.......if you don't have time to do a 60 minute ride then do a 25 minute ride! Or a 20 minute one. Or a brisk walk. Or run a few flights of stairs. My point is that we all have to find the way that getting some miles and training time is gonna work in our lives. My concern is that someone will fall into the trap of thinking "Well......I was struggling to keep up a month ago and now everyone's riding all the time and I haven't been and now I'll be even farther behind...etc...etc." . Now - the last thing I wanna do here is come across like I'm making light of this, 'cuz I'm not. My goal is to get'cha thinking outside the box, you know? Gotta walk the dog? Make it a workout. Need to run errands? Ride your bike. Can't get outta the house? Use an indoor trainer. We (Lin and I) have one you can borrow and I bet that many of your team mates do as well. Any time you spend w/ your heart rate up will help - you don't have to be "training" to be getting more fit, dig?

Remember that Nicole and I are always here if you need anything! Reach out to either of us w/ any issues about training, bikes, nutrition, etc.

Thanks for reading this far....thanks for being a member of this remarkable thing we have going...thanks for all you do.

One of my favorite songs includes the line "I know I say this all the time like everything else I say" but.....................................

You guys ROCK !

Coach Mike


John J said...

What a cast of characters! Sounds like an awesome time was had by all and I'm sorry I missed it. See you all on the 14th on Holland's beautiful south (mostly flat) side.

Kathy said...

I wish I could have joined you guys on Sunday. I plan to make the next ride. I love group rides.