Friday, June 26, 2009


Hey guys! Dang do I wish that you were all here w/ me this weekend....that'd be awesome! We (Main wrench Jeremy, his wife Joy and wonder-baby Sabine) landed in SanFran about noon yesterday. 2+ hours later we were here in Santa Rosa, @ the Hyatt on a hill overlooking the city. The weather is unbelievable - sunny, dry and hot in the afternoon but cool enough a2 night to wish that you'd brought a fleece jacket. We set up the Bike Room and went into town w/ the crew for dinner. Today we set up bikes and I played host for the bike Room and the Ride. Riders started showing up in the afternoon and tonight we had a dinner/reception on the deck overlooking the town.

Tomorrow is breakfast, then I hafta lead the Coaches meeting &the Rider's meeting. The I wann asit in on the "Riding w/ Diabetes" meeting - of the 7 coaches out here 5 are Type 1 so I think I can learn stuff! Then it's the Warm Up Ride, a seminar on bike fit, the ride meeting.......etc. Tomorrow will be a full day!

Wish you were all here........can't wait 'til Killington and DV!

I'll keep you posted!



Nicole said...

I hope that was 1:37am Eastern, not Pacific. Otherwise, I'd be worried that bikes are going together with the wrong pedals and saddles on backward.

It's finally going to be below 90 here today, which is a welcome relief. They're calling for 80 and sunny for Sunday--wish you could be teleported back here for it.

Chris R said...

We wish we could be there with you also. Although Sonoma seems to be early, I am thinking that our team would be ready to ride if we just decided to do it. I am constantly amazed at how our team is able to "make it happen" when we get going on something. Have a great time and we look forward to more stories.