Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Hey gang,

We're all set for this Sunday, June 28 at Ada Park. Roll-out time will be 12:00 noon sharp (and I think we're getting sharper!). Map below.

We'll have two options, like usual. Our fearless leader Coach Mike won’t be with us for this one, as he’ll be still riding the wave of a deliriously awesome and amazing first JDRF ride of 2009 in Sonoma. Come on out and get your next helmet star (and any I owe you from the 100 Grand or the last ride in Holland!) and have a great time with the best team in the land.

We’ll hang out in Ada Park after the ride and share snacks—bring a little somethin’ if you like.

And, seriously, for this and every ride, pick the loop that makes sense for you. We make two loops on purpose, and hope that you feel comfortable riding whichever one is best for your ride goal, the ride site you’ve selected (DV people, you have a LOT more weeks till your event!), how you’re feeling on that particular day, and one that will getcha back to the park to hang out with everyone at about the same time. Cool?

See you Sunday!
Nicole (& MC in spirit)

View Ada Park in a larger map


MC said...

I HATE to miss a chance to ride w/ you guys, I REALLY do! But - if I hafta - at least I'll be @ the Sonoma Ride to Cure. Rest assured that everyone of you will be w/ me there in spirit....that the power and the spirit and the flat-out coolness of our team will help me get throught the weekend!

Have a great ride - see y'all @ the "Tour de Taco" from my house on 7/12!


Cindy said...

See everyone on Sunday!