Monday, June 15, 2009

A couple things to think about.........please?

Hey Team!
As wonderful as yesterday was (and all of our rides for that matter) there are a few things that we could all work on that might make 'em even better, so bear w/ me here for a sec, 'kay?

There were a few times yesterday where we sort of "forgot our manners" as far as sharing the road. At one point (just north of Fennville) a fortunately patient driver in a white pick up was stuck behind a chunk of our group for far too long. Given that we are always gonna try and ride on the quietest and purtiest roads we can find that means we're gonna spend a lot of our time on country 2-lanes. That means that we're gonna hafta stay aware of traffic at all times and be ready to move over when need be. There are several reasons for this, and all of 'em are good ones:

#1 - It's the law. The Michigan Vehicle Code limits us to a maximum of 2 abreast. Simple as that. If an approaching driver (or me, at the back) can see more than 4 butt cheeks....guess what? We ain't 2 abreast! Haviing to move in everytime someone yells "car back" is more dangerous than staying 2 abreast as we ride.
#2 - It'll be the rule in Vermont so we might as well get used to it. (In DV it's even more strict - single file!!!)
#3 - We're representing JDRF AND the "greater cycling community". A small effort on our part will go a long way to making it a better world for all cyclists.

Now - I'm NOT saying here that we are lesser beings on the road. Any of you that have ever ridden w/ me knows better than that! We have every right to the road and I intend to see to it that we take it. But.......there's a flip side to that and that's what I'm gettin' at here, dig?

The other thing that we need to work on just a bit is trying' to get to the Rides on time. As the planned routes get longer we're gonna need more time to be in the saddle so striving to arrive 30 minutes before the posted time so you are ready to roll would be much appreciated! The posted time for a Ride is "Roll Out Time", okay?

Thanks for listening.......thanks for riding, thanks for everything!


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