Monday, July 27, 2009

Post Great Northern Ride Report 2009

Y'know, every team ride rocks--so much in fact, that we're having a hard time coming up with new ways in which to say how much they rock.

I might be biased, but I think this particular post-ride report is a good opportunity to thank the people that support us--our families and friends and supporters.

A huge thank you to my grandparents, Ted and Sue Hunter, my mom Cheri Nelles, and my aunt Kathi Downs for hosting the 2nd Annual (3rd if you count our departure from Montague Township Park in 2007!) Great Northern Ride on Saturday. They truly, TRULY love having this ride and party, getting to know each one of you and why you're so darn dedicated to this cycling thing we do.

A blanket of gray clouds hung over the sky prior to our departure, but like a scene out of a sappy movie, the minute we started rolling down Indian Bay Rd., the skies turned the most awesome shade of blue, and we had a gorgeous day for a ride. 62ish VERY hilly and challenging miles (sorry about that last big hill and the 2 miles of gravel at the end...welcome to the Great White North where 'paved roads' are a relative term) to Silver Lake and back. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH to Derek for the super sweet, hurts-so-good route and logistics...the Whippi Dip has never been so cool as it was last Saturday.

Rockin' post-ride brats provided by co-host with the way-most Did, fixins provided by Katie & Steve: YUM!! A few more clouds rolled in as we wrapped up our festivities--but it was just fine if you ask me.

26 riders and tons of family members joined us...

Mary & Tom Scheidel
Diane Aamoth
Coach Mike & Linda Clark
Heather & Brian Bowe
Katie & Steve Clark & family
Scott & Melanie Williamson & family
Cindy Aley
Tom "What do you mean MC and I are the only salsa entries?" Miller
Chris Radford
Nathen Kooi
Kris Couturier
Amy Fisher & family
Derek Dykstra & family
Cathy Priest
Chris Machuta & family
Patti Bills
Nick Murphy
Kevin Carnes
me & family
Special Guest Stars Dawn Riccomini and (future team member?) Eric Bouwens

Next team ride is Sunday August 9...details to come!
Thanks, all!


Chris M. said...

And because of me poor Nic had to miss the Whippi Dip. I owe you the next time we are in Montague.

Proletariat Cyclist said...

Nic, your family is awesome.