Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ride Opportunities a-plenty!

Hey all.......if you're in the mood for some extra miles there are a few things cookin' here @ the shop in the next few days.............

Friday 7/31 - Dawn Patrol. Leaves the shop @ 5:00am for a buncha miles before meeting up w/ the weekly Bagel Ride @ 8:30. We oughta be around 65-80 by the time we get back around 10:30.

Sunday 8/2 - "R.A.A.D.D." (Ride Around All Damn day). Roll from the shop @ 9:00am and.....guess what?......ride around all damn day! We're thinking 120+ miles but who knows? No planned route, no maps, no support, no whining! (Wanna ride some but not all - that works too! We'll be coming back towards town a couple times)

More to come!


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